A view of the US online video market share.

Both Nielsen and Comcast have released the online video streaming market share figures for April 2009. This market share data is very interesting to help the amateur or independent online video producer target the right sites for it's content.

Two factors are impacting us a lot.

First Google and Youtube remain the largest destination for online video by far, so this is an unavoidable outlet if you wish to distribute video online, as it's market share is currently above 40%

The second interesting trend is the progress of Hulu in the US, which now has the number 2 ranking in online video streaming market share. What is interesting is that Hulu seems to attract an older audience than the other online video streaming sites. This is logical if one considers that the older generation grew with TV as the main video media and is thus more likely to seek long format, TV related content than the younger internet generation.

Since most amateur online video producers will never be able to release their work on Hulu this raises an interesting question: who should we target with our Video work? It is clear that it will be harder to target viewers over 40 as they would want long format content and are unlikely to seek relatively unknown series that have never been broadcast on TV. It think amateur online video producers can probably get a better viewing market share by targeting a younger audience with short form video series and podcasts.

Long format content can probably still have some success on the web if it targets young viewers, but getting a significant audience in the above 40 demographic may prove challenging! Older people are more into TV than the web, and any service that target them would need to have strong ties with traditional TV media.

On the other end of the scale Facebook seems to be gaining acceptance as a video streaming destination and should soon enter in the top 10 online video streaming sites by market share, however I am not sure that the type of videos hosted there is the kind that appeal beyond the video poster's friend and family.
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Jeremy Campbell said...

I found these statistics interesting as well. I thought that young people would be all over Hulu much more than the older generation, but as mentioned Hulu mimics TV so it's an easy transition for people 40+ to make.

It will be interesting to see how these stats change (or don't change) over time as we move further into the online video evolution.

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